Who is Absolid

Absolid is a mechanical engineering company offering computer automated design (CAD) services from the idea phase till production phase. The company formerly known as RISE was taken over at 2009 by Erik Emmen and is located in Zemst, Belgium. Due to the company’s versatile and broad knowledge, a number of design projects have been succesfully realized in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany covering a whole scale of different industries.

Absolid is an all-round machine designing company and has been working on a large number of projects in distinguive sectors. Examples of such projects are: solar cell inspection machinery, pharmaceutical production facilities, food production, automation of abbrasive material production and conceptual design of thermoplastic composites production to name a few.

Besides CAD services, Absolid’s focus changed to 3D scanning since 2013. A portable 3D scanner with turntable was built for half-automated scanning of  small static objects. Furthermore the interest in 3D capturing grew steadily leading to new market opportunities, such as reverse enigineering.


Wim Robberechts & Co Cibo
KLA Tencor Merck
Kellogg's (Pringles) AFPT GmbH
Pintsch Bamag  



Absolid aims to be the solution provider in your search for a technical solution. Whether it is an idea sketch or prototype, we can define a complete product description and start designing in close correspondence with your requirements. Deliverables can be:
  • digital 3D concept design
  • technical movies to visualize the functionality of a production process or method
  • a complete package of production drawings and bill of materials
  • production of parts or assemblies

As Absolid itself does not have any production facilities, the production will be out-sourced to one of the suppliers in our network.
Camera refence design

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Cineflex camera support arm

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Press with revolving bed under load

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Leaf spring placing tool

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